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SnapPower >> The Best Nightlight in History!

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Update! Almost three years later, we remain pretty obsessed with our latest find >> SnapPower. These streamlined outlet cover nightlights might actually be, as the company describes, the “best nightlight in history.” After the company sent us a few free samples to try, we installed them at home. Although I am not particularly handy, I am generally handier than Matt. So with nothing else planned for our Saturday morning, I challenged him to an SnapPower installation race.  We each took one cover, found identical screwdrivers, and chose two outlets each about a foot off the floor.  The challenge ended in a virtual tie. Installation took us each just about 2 minutes. And we both agree, having the lights near the stairs makes a huge safety difference at night when I inevitably wander to the kitchen for extra water at 2:00 am.

SnapPower >> The Best Nightlight in History!

In fact, we like this product so much, we have unanimously decided to award it our much coveted, DARE TO BE GREAT AWARD! Congratulations SnapPower!

SnapPower The Best Nightlight in History Outlet Coverplate with LED Night Lights

SnapPower The Best Nightlight in History >> Outlet Coverplate with LED Night Lights 

SnapPower also sells outlet covers that turn your outlets into USB chargers. We initially thought we would like this product even better but so far, at least, have not found a place to install them that would make any sense. As Robbie noted, if you have the cord to your charger handy anyway. why not just plug it into the outlet. I understand what he is saying but am pretty convinced that once we find a great location for SnapPower chargers, we will again be lamenting not having installed them earlier.

SnapPower Outlet Cover USB Chargers

SnapPower Outlet Cover USB Chargers

Dare to be Great!

SnapPower >> The Best Nightlight in History! GreatGets

Summary: Congratulations to SnapPower, the latest recipient of our Dare to be Great Award. These outlet covers with a built in LED night light may very well be the best nightlight in history!


Best Nighlight!

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