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A Must Watch Video – Pajama Clad Family’s Singing Christmas Card!

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If you haven’t yet seen this funny Christmas Video Card it is a must watch!  The too cute family, all wearing matching striped Christmas pajamas, actually dance and sing about this year’s happenings and achievements, just like a typical Christmas letter that is inserted in a photo Christmas card.  And to top it all off, our friends over at MomMeMatch have put together this adorable striped Christmas pajama collage so you too can look like the perfect family!

Pajama Clad Family’s Singing Christmas Card!

Very Merry Christmas Red & Green Stripes Matching Family Pajamas

Family Mix and Match Red Striped and Elf Christmas Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Christmas Family Pajamas | Christmas Stripe Family Matching PajamasMore Family Christmas Pajamas | | Even More Striped Holiday PJs  (Some of these can even be custom embroidered!) | New 2019 >> A full post devoted to the best of the best in holiday striped pjs

More Adorable Matching Family Pajamas!

2019 Holiday Pajamas are fully stocked. Everyday we discover new matching family pajamas so keep checking back.  One warning :: if you find something you like, buy them NOW!  These matching holiday pajamas are flying off the shelves and some of the boutique shops have order cut-off dates that are quickly approaching.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!! Be sure to check out MomMeMatch’s post Holiday Pajama Deals for today’s deals. They try to update it even two hours!!!

Family Matching Holiday Pajama Deals

Hanna Andersson’s Matching Family Pajamas

We love anything and everything Hanna Andersson. So soft. So cute! We would wager a guess that more than half of our family photos show the entire family wearing coordinating Hanna Andersson outfits. This year we are seriously thinking about mixing it up a bit and using superhero pajamas for our Christmas jammies – that way they can be worn all year long. Although the red & white stripe are always classic! We will let you know what we decide!

Update! We decided to buy the iconic Dear Deer #hannajams.


Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

PatPat Christmas Pajama Prints

Pat Pat pjs are amongst the cheapest available but sometimes, cheaper really is just fine! Especially if you have to buy new family jammies every year, quality matters less. (Although cheap $ does not always = cheap quality) They have soooo many pajamas we cannot begin to feature them all. Some pajama sets come in iconic prints, just at a lower price, while other are actually quite playful. Warning! If you see something you like, buy it right then and there. If you come back tomorrow they may not be available!

Cheap Matching amily Christmas Pajamas

Cheap Christmas Pajamas


Jane offers limited time daily sales with deals up to 70% OFF.

Family Christmas PJs on Sale Family Christmas Pajamas on Sale


Macy’s Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Wow! Matching family pajamas were so popular last year, Macy’s has jumped on the bandwagon with a great selection of exclusive pajamas!!!

Macy's 2019 Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Only at Macy’s >> Matching Family Matching Pajamas

Burt’s Bees Holiday PJs Update!

We know it is early but every year Burt’s Bees sells out of their family matching holiday pajamas early! So we wanted to let you know that this year’s jammies are available to order starting NOW. Below please fine the fabric swatches for 2019. As always, these jammies are available for moms, dads, kids, babies & even pet bandanas!

Burts Bees Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Order your Burt’s Bees Matching Christmas Pajamas TODAY!

PajamaMania Matching Family Holiday Pajama Styles

Remember to check our sidebar for exclusive promo codes and current sales!!! This year PajamaMania gave us an exclusive 18% OFF coupon code (18OFFPM) so take advantage of it! We are particularly excited to see new styles for moms, dads, kids, infants, grandmas, grandpas, dolls, and even pets!

PajamaMania’s sister company is Sleepyheads. Most all Sleepyheads family matching pajamas are currently available on Amazon, as are their cute selction of Christmas onesies. So here is the big dilemma. you can either take advantage of our 18OFFPM promo code to save 18% on your purchase plus free shipping. Or if you have gone all in on Amazon, for your convenience, we have decided to link all product images to PajamaMania and the text to Amazon.


PajamaMania | Amazon

For Holiday Matching Family PJs be sure to take advantage of Great Get’s PajamaMania coupon codes!

18% OFF Entire Site >>Exclusive Coupon Code 18OFFPM

Here is a close-up look at just a few of our favorites.

Family Matching Winter Snowflake Grey Stripe Holiday Pajamas

Winter Snowflake Grey Stripe Pajamas

Family Matching Winter Fleece Snowman Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Winter Fleece Snowman Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Santa Christmas Pajamas

Santa Pajamas

Family Matching Fleece Buffalo Plaid and Solid Red Onesie Pajamas

Fleece Buffalo Plaid and Solid Red Onesie Pajamas

LazyOne Pajamas

So many cute jammies to choose from!

LazyOne Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

LazyOne Matching Family Holiday Pajama CollectionLazyOne Family Christmas Pajamas

LazyOne | Amazon

Old Navy

Old Navy Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Pottery Barn Kids Holiday Pajama Collection

Pottery Barn Kids Holiday Pajama Collection

Pajamagram Christmas Pajama

PajamaGram Matching Family Pajamas

Pajamagram Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Christmas Character PJs

Charlie Brown Family Matching Christmas Pajamas   Classic Holiday Nordic Family Matching Pajamas

PajamaGram PJs | Charlie Brown Family Matching Christmas Pajamas | Classic Holiday Nordic Family Matching Pajamas

The Company Store’s Holiday Pajamas

They are here! The Company Store’s 2019 Family Matching Holiday Pajamas are finally available!

* The Company Store always offers some of the cutest patterns! PLUS for every pair of family pajamas sold, they donate $1 to The Ronald McDonald House® New York!!!!

Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

2019’s Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

The Children’s Place

Matching Family Pajamas Christmas Plaid Collection

Zulily Holiday Christmas Pajama Sale!

zulily is getting a jumpstart on family matching holiday pajamas with their Holiday Sleepwear for the Family Sale!

Here is today’s zulily extra cute holiday pajama sale featuring Leveret sleepwear at up to 70% OFF! In addition to Christmas pajamas you can also find some darling pajamas in fun themed patterns such as dinosaurs, fox, skeletons and even kangaroos. Remember these are limited time sales and generally the pjs are not returnable.

Leveret Matching Family Pajamas. Salejpeg

Leveret Pajamas | There are also a few LazyOne pajamas still available on zulily at great prices!

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajama

We have not forgotten our friends in the Southern Hemisphere and those of you living or traveling to warm weather climates for Christmas vacation.  Be sure to check out our latest post >>Summer Christmas Matching Pajamas! Below are just a few of the many light weight holiday pajamas available!

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajamas

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajamas

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas on Etsy

Etsy Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Christmas Monogrammed Pajama Sets

Personalized Christmas Pajamas

Personalized Christmas Pajamas

Matching Family Organic Holiday Pajamas

Organic Matching Christmas Family Pajamas

Sports Team Holiday Pajamas

We won’t regale you with all the available footed sports team pajamas, but here are a few of the most populars teams that actually have matching pjs for mommydaddy & me!

Sports Team Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Atlanta Falcons | New Orleans Saints | New York Giants

More Footed Sports Team Pajamas >> Women’s Footie Pajamas | “Mansies” | Infant – 24 month Sleepers

Gnomes, Elves & Santa & Iconic Christmas Pajama Prints 

This year has compiled the best of the best jammies by theme. Keep checking back because each day they add at least one Christmas pajamas

Gnomes, Elves, and Santa Themed Christmas Pajamas

Reindeer & Other Woodland Creature Christmas Pajama Prints

Family Matching WoodlandAnimal Christmas Pajamas

Superhero & Character Pajamas

Family Matching Character Themed Christmas Pajamas

Superhero Matching Family Pajamas

Superhero Matching Family Pajamas – Such a cute alternative to classic Christmas pajamas!

Family Matching Mickey Mouse Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Mickey Mouse Holiday Pajamas

Sara’s Prints & Leveret Christmas Pajama Prints

We are so excited >> we just discovered that Sara’s Prints, our personal “go to” pajamas when our kids were little, actually has a large selection of matching mommy & me Christmas sleepwear. Mix and match patterns or choose a single pattern for the whole family to wear!

Sara's Prints Mommy & Me Matching Christmas Sleepwear

Sara’s Prints Christmas Sleepwear (most are available on Amazon Prime with free 2 day shipping)

Christmas PJs

Leveret Christmas PJs

Discounted & Less Expensive Christmas Pajama

Carter’s & OshKosh

Family Matching Santa and Elf Christmas Pajamas Family Matching Red and Black Plaid Christmas Pajamas

Zulily holiday pajamas

Here are a few options from the discount site zulily. We never quite know what will be available (and you may not find matching pajamas for the whole family) but we do know, their prices never disappoint!

 zulily Christmas Pjs

Walmart & Target | JC Penny & Kohls

We are listening and some of you are asking for lower priced holiday pajamas. Not surprisingly, we checked Walmart and although they do not have many exactly matching family pajamas, we do think you can create the look if you mix and match various styles and designs, so long as you stick with red as the unifying color.  Here are just a few of the many red holiday pajamas available at Walmart and Target.

 Cheap Christmas Pajamas

Walmart Holiday Pajamas

Target Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Target Christmas Pajama Clad Matching Families

JC Penney's Family Holiday Pajamas

JC Penney’s Family Holiday Pajamas

Kohl's Family Holiday Pajamas

Kohl’s Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Burlington Coat Factory

Family Matching Character Christmas PJs

cheap Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Hanukkah Pajamas

Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas

Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas | Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas 

Loving these navy blue striped matching family pajamas from Hanna Andersson – oh so soft!

Striped Navy Blue Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

Striped Navy Blue Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

Inspiration – Celebrity Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Celebrities Wearing Matching Christmas Pajamas, Dax Shephard & Kristen Bell, Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O"Connell Family

Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell & Their Dogs Wearing Matching Hanna Andersson Striped Christmas Pajamas (Photo Courtesy of USWeekly) Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell with their twin daughters, Charlie & Dolly, and their 3 dogs and 2 cats wearing mint green matching Let It Snow Christmas pajamas from Pajamagram.

One last thought, buy them early and take your annual holiday photo card in your pajamas.  Kitsch – yes! Cute – absolutely!

AND Finally

If you have managed to get all the way to the bottom of this post, you have earned a giggle! Oops >> looks like someone forgot to order pajamas for dad 🙂 #AwkwardFamilyPhotos

Awkward Family Photos Matching Family Pajamas

Dare to be Great!

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